All Sons & Daughters Concert

Where do I start?  I guess I could link you to listen to All Sons & Daughters and let you have a listen for yourself.  Their way of turning scripture into music is fascinating.  It’s real.  It’s genuine and it’s not any different when you see them live.

I saw them last summer and our whole family (I was pregnant with Bexley) went with some friends.  They taught us their songs just so that we could sing and worship with them.  This was no “show”.  This was a night of worship with some very talented and gifted musicians. 

I actually called their manager to see if Ember could have them to lead worship and then have a mini concert afterward.  They mentioned they were already booked with a church in town and that’s when I knew I wanted to see them again.  We will get them someday, for this I am sure! 😉

It was amazing last summer and it was just as good last night.  Honestly, I would normally say “they were even better” but there was no room for improvement.  Their music is amazing.  Their hearts are right.  

During the concert they told us to worship God they way we felt led.  I loved that.  I knew Cyrus and Eisley would want to dance and dance they did! I had to remind them that they were dancing to Jesus and not for themselves but other than that, it.was.beautiful. 

David noticed their dancing and said how beautiful it was to see a child and their faith.  It made Eisley nervous but he assured her to keep dancing.  It was cute :)

We met David and Leslie afterward and they were extremely humble and down to earth.  I cannot say enough good things about them.  May God bless them for all they do to bring God glory!

The night finished with some good friends and laughter and pizza.  Oh, and cookie dough.  Duh. 

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