A Loverly Saturday Morning Date

This morning was fabulous.  It was the perfect redemption to a rough week.  A date with a dear friend that consisted of breakfast in Olde Worthington, a drive-by (her soon-to-be-house, sillies!) and the Olde Worthington Farmers Market.

 This is me remembering to actually care what I look like.
I got to witness this action before I left!  So adorable.
Breakfast in Olde Worthington with Heather!
Take a good look past our goofy smiles and at the couple in the background.  I know this isn’t a good picture but this “wise” couple (not old..never old!) were laughing and cuddling and I want this for me and Andy in 50 years.  Such hope!  I wonder what “stuff” life has thrown them.  They have for sure pushed through and seen the beauty of redemption, forgiveness and love. :sigh:
Next stop, Old Worthington Farmers Market!  It’s held in the Griswold Center and it’s kinda packed but it’s so.much.stinkin’.fun!
 Meet Issac from Honeyrun Farm
Best honey and soap comes from Honeyrun Farm!  This is Issac who is such a sweet guy who remembered me from my chats with his loverly wife, Jayne during the warm, summer months at the farmers market.  Jayne and I were both pregnant together and due a month apart!  I found out they were blessed with a baby boy in November!  I can’t wait to introduce our babies this summer :)  Seriously, their soap is so healing for me and my kids extremely sensitive skin and their honey is the first honey I’ve actually enjoyed. 

How much do you care about the meat that you eat and feed your loved ones?  I’ve read up plenty on what meat really contains and I refuse to feed it to my family.  Unless, of course, it’s from Oink Moo Cluck Farms where you’ll get a smiling face and satisfactory taste where you’ll want to go back again and again!  If you are into all natural, quality meats, you must visit them next Saturday!  Delish!

Cheese!  Yum!  You will not want to pass Meadow Maid!  As soon as you walk up they’ll say, “Go ahead and try them all!” and you should!  They are yummy and made from 100% Grassfed, Organic Milk!  My favorite flavors are “Tomato, Basil and Pine-nut” and “Chipotle” paired with Gala apples.  Such a great mid-morning snack for me and my babies!

Heather asking about the oober healthy, homemade teas from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm.  My favorite kind of flowers are hand picked from their stand at the summer farmers market.  It’s a chance to express the way I am feeling that week and share it with everyone who enters my home.  Oh, I am so ready for summer months.  Sun beating on my face!  

What a fun morning this was!  Thanks, dear Heather for asking me to go with you!  You’re always a fun date!

Until next week’s farmers market journey….

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