Zeke’s Silence…

After sharing his cereal with me :)
Smile!  His mouth was still healing from his sickies.

I am sorry but I’m not really sure Zeke could really get any cuter!  I just adore him.  He’s always into something, enjoys making anyone who’s looking laugh and will play with my hair for comfort.

The thing is, he’s 2 and he’s not saying many words.  He tries, but it isn’t even close to as clear as my older two were at his age.

Sometimes I get anxious about it.  I think there is seriously something wrong with him, then I focus on what is true.

1. He completely understands what I’m saying and follows complicated directions.
2. He points and makes some sort of “I want that” noise.
3. He tries, sometimes, to say words correctly.

But, the truth is, he’s frustrated and as he gets older, it becomes more apparent.  And that makes me sad.  I had an epiphany the other day…Zeke doesn’t like to be alone.  He’s usually the last to finish a meal and he just wants you to sit next to him and wait patiently all while laughing at his cuteness.  He wants to feel like he’s older than I treat him.  He understands perfectly all that is going on and wants attention and conversation just like I have with the older two.  And so I am working on that.

I know he’ll talk someday and probably will not stop 😉  I don’t really want to rush him into talking because believe it or not, I still think of him as my baby even with sweet Bexley girl in tow.  I guess, after two kids I realized, finally, how quickly the time goes and I know I only have about 6 more months to pretend he’s a baby and then reality will set in.  His snuggles will be less frequent, he’ll start wanting to do everything daddy does and his face will not be as round and squishy.

And now I’m crying.  Being a mother is hard in so many ways but it’s full of love that you cannot even begin to explain.  As my mother always said, “You birth a heartache with every child.”  Gosh is she right.  My heart aches more with every child I have…what a blessing it is to be a mother.


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    This was so sweet breena. I’m feeling the same way about my youngest getting older. He turns two on Friday. I’m not ready to give up the snuggles and voluntary kisses and hugs. I don’t want him to stop needing me the way a baby does. It makes me sad :( I am excited to see what kind of a kid he’ll be though…and I have a feeling he’s gonna be alot more to handle then my two girls! As far as Zeke not talking, I wouldn’t worry too much yet. My daughter Hannah didn’t start until she was about 3. I think it was because she always had an older sister talking for her :) Zeke will work it out, and then like you said, he’ll never stop!! He’s adorable by the way :)

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    Thanks, danielle :) You are sweet. It’s good to hear these stories! I think we’ll let him talk when he’s ready because he’s understanding and obeying very well. He’ll talk when it’s time and I need not worry.

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    I had the same worries when my son turned 2. He didn’t talk as much as my daughter did at that age. It is hard not to compare kids and all kids learn differently. I was looking into speech therapy for him, but decided to wait a bit longer before I made any calls. I am glad I waited. He is 2 1/2 now and talking a lot & even using sentences. I have a friend who use to be a speech therapist & she said as long as they are trying to speak, then they are fine. I honestly wouldn’t worry. As mothers, it’s our nature tendency to worry about everything.

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    Thanks, Lin! I say, “Amen!” to your comment…if by 2.5 he’s still not talking much, I’ll look into therapy 😉

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