Sewing Group!

I’ve been so excited about my new adventures in sewing and wanted to share my excitement with others who have a passion for sewing as well!  So I decided to get some gals together for a sewing group once a month…not sure I can hold on another month for group but I’m not hosting (thanks, Heather!) so I will continue sewing at night until next months sewing group.

So there were originally 7 of us who were going to make it but it ended up being me, Heather and her sweet baby, Audrey.

There was laughter, great conversation and pinning.  No sewing but I’m beyond thankful that I had Heather to help me with the baby quilt I’m making.  I really didn’t have a clue and my “learn as I go” doesn’t always work 😉  I mean, she saved me a LOT of time. 

Love this…shows Heather’s love for her sweet Audrey.

I purchased a light-weight batting for the middle layer.

I cut the fabric and placed the good sides in and pinned.  Then I placed that on top of the batting.  Pinned again..

A better picture of the fabrics I chose. 

If I had already posted the curtians I made for the kids, you’d realize I loved the girls’ fabric so much that I am using it on Bexley’s quilt.  But we are in renovation mode and Eisley’s room isn’t up to picture par (using it to store things until our closet is finished) so you’ll just have to wait!

I will keep on posting the latest with this quilt.  I plan to work on this and another project for a friend over the next couple of weeks.  

I am excited to continue this sewing group and excited for the other gals to join in next time!  How fun is it to learn and enjoy something all while having great fellowship :)

Until next sewing group…sew on, sew loverlies! 

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