My Birthday…

So, although I joke about being “old” I truly do not feel old.  I do not have issues (yet) with my age but I have issues with the visual(ness) of the number.  So the number 27, it’s just an ugly-looking number.  Get my drift?  Not so much?  Okay, moving on…

So, being sick on your birthday is just no fun but add to that a sick husband and 2 out of 4 kids who are also sick.  This can really make a birthday difficult to enjoy.

The real problem though, is my “need” or I guess the correct word would be desire to have a day all about me. It’s something I feel I should have out grown but I haven’t.  I have this prideful heart that basically says, “Dear God!  I am doing things for others 364 days out of the year and I want just ONE FLIPPIN’ day to be about MEEE!”  It is really a big issue for my heart….do you understand?  A BIG ISSUE.  I’m such a baby…

Anywho,  with the sicknesses, my day just did not go at all as planned and I had about an hour where I went to text my mom 3 times and deleted it as I cried sitting on the pew in our kitchen and wanted someone to feel bad for me…hahaha!  I’m laughing at myself right now.

Turning 27…

 Who doesn’t love to receive a package in the mail ON their birthday?!  Thank you so much Aunt Melody for giving me this beautiful quilt of yours!  I’ll cherish it always.
 I totally laughed out loud as Eisley was running in with the cake in the Kroger bag all lop-sided and Cy and their lunch they chose (gag) holding it in my face.  So funny.
 The cute cake they bought.  They had already chose which flower was going to be theirs.
 Sisters cuddling added some more sunshine to my day…
 Making tacos for the kids with Zekey who watched me the whole time saying, “HOT!”
 An extra sweet Bexley-girl hanging out with momma.
 Date time (FINALLY!) Wish I had more time to work on that hot mess of hair.
  Out to Carabba’s!
Me and my free happy BOUday Caribou!
 And my Christmas present from my MIL…LOVE these boots!
 And the evening ended with an unexpected and much cherished chat with these loverly ladies.  Thanks for serving my family, gals!!!
 Looking forward to hopefully growing spiritually, as a better wife and mother, friend, daughter, sister, etc.  Never to be the same, always changing and being molded into who I was originally created to be…fully human in God’s image.


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    Wow Gurl…you had 4 kids b4 u turned 27. At this rate, you’ll have another 3 by the time u turn 30…LOL. 27 is young, still a baby IMO.

  • Reply January 26, 2012


    Is that what you took away from this? :) hmmm…yes 4 kids in 5.5 years! Very blessed :)

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