Ministry Wives UNITE!

So, you wouldn’t believe it…maybe you would.  I met a very cool gal who happens to be a wife of a worship pastor, has 3 kids (two are the same age as mine), is ready to take on the homeschool life (praise Jesus!) and has a bit of rebel to her (YES!).

Here’s how it all went down : We both needed to get out of the house one day, so we did.  We packed up our babies and like we did about once a week, went to Chick Fil A to let the kids PLAY!  Who knew we’d end up meeting and chatting and realizing “wow!  We have a lot in common!”

I secretly wanted to be her friend (or maybe not so secretly) so I made the first move (ha!) and said, “We should totally have a play-date sometime!”  And so I gave her my number really hoping she wouldn’t loose it because I loved the way our kids were playing and I could tell I would just really love hanging out with her.

Well, I think it took her a good month to get the guts up to email “that crazy girl who wants to hang out after just one time accidentally meeting”.  I was SO excited because I figured we’d never see each other again!  (ha!  I run into her all the time!).

So, we had a few play dates and the kids LOVE to see their Luke and Ellie (and sweet baby Adayln of course!) and our friendship as momma’s has grown into something we both say was no accident and God had a fun part in.

I’m thankful for her and the way she mother’s her kids.  I love how much she supports her husband in what he does and it’s always refreshing to be able to be “me” and know it’s welcomed.

Anywho, to expound a bit more on why she’s so dang fun to be around…we both got our noses re-pierced.

We got out for just an hour and had a great time chatting and getting a piercing that makes us feel like ministry-wife-rebels (I know, SO rebellious!)  I just love this beautiful gal!  So thankful to call her my friend :)


  • Reply January 24, 2012


    You are very sweet Breena :) Did it really take me a month?! If it did, I was crazy to wait, cause you are a great woman and I’m so glad we met! It’s really hard to meet like-minded rebels :) Having ‘big’ families, homeschooling AND pierced?! We’re a rare breed! :)
    Have a wonderful birthday today!

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    this makes me smile- i’m a “ministry rebel” too and i love it :) glad you ladies have a supportive friendship!

  • Reply January 25, 2012


    Jill! hahaha…it did and I was SO excited when you emailed (as you can see in the blog post!) Love ya, friend!

  • Reply January 25, 2012


    Sarah, join the crowd! 😉

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