Christmas With The Other Holts!

We were so excited when Andy’s mom and dad came to visit to celebrate Christmas when we were all finally healthy.

My beautiful mother-in-law and Cy playing with LEGOS
Daddy and Bexley-girl cuddling

The kids took advantage of the sunshine and snow and bundled up to go outside.  I had told them a bedtime story right after Christmas about them playing in the snow and coming in for hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Well, snow had been taking it’s lovely time but it finally came on Sunday!  Yay!  So, I made them homemade hot chocolate but didn’t have marshmallows on hand which I got ridiculed for 😉  Other than that, they LOVED it!

Oh, that precious face.
Those eyes!
Sweet boy :)

*If only I had a picture of Zeke running outside with no coat and only socks on!  He ran fast and then turned around looking and yelling in panic.  hahaha!  Jean and I had a good laugh :)  Oh!  Then I rescued him.
If I would have taken a picture of Nate and Andy, it would have been of their feet in the attic hammering away making big plans for a bigger closet and more space to renovate our full bathroom Ya know, make it fit more than one person at a time 😉  I love when they get together!  It’s usually full of manly renovation in MY house…mucho needed.
Jean and I hung out chatting while the kids played around us.  They enjoyed their presents and I enjoyed the company.
We missed Andy’s sister and husband but hopefully we’ll be able to continue this tradition for many years!

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