Bridesmaid Dress Making/Attempting…

The other night Kristy, the bride-to-be (the kind you look at and think, gosh, she’s going to look stunning!) and her other bridesmaid, Kate and I all followed a tutorial for a skirt to try and tackle and see if this is something we could do for Kristy’s wedding.

Well, to be honest, the tutorial wasn’t the easiest to follow.  Whether that is because we are rookies, or the steps were not clear…either way, we had a blast and are excited to try again and again!  I have faith! 😀

Kate sewing away, Bride-to-be, Kristy pinning away!

Iron is HOT!  haha!

Cutting, marking, acting like we know what we’re doing…

Bexley wanted to join the ladies!

The crew who’s determined to make our own dresses!

Since we could fit Kate AND Bexley in our skirt, we’ll call this skirt fail attempt # 1

We do not give up quickly…attempt #2 coming soon!  To be continued….

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