Breakfast Blessings~Oatmeal

This morning I thought I was dreaming when I heard Andy call up to me, “Hey babe!  Oatmeal is hot and ready to start your morning off right!”  I think I fell back to sleep until Bexley woke me up 10 minutes later. 

I made oatmeal a lot before I became tired and preggo with Bex.The night before we talked about giving less bread to the kids (toast and lunch sandwiches) and more oatmeal which they all LOVE!  And it’s very healthy.    So, he heard me and helped out!  It was great!

Everyone was so full of love and joy…I couldn’t have asked for a better morning. 

Daddy telling Eisley her favorite story!

Cyrus showing me his excitement!

And of course, Zekey’s cuteness 😉

Bexley and momma with bed-head 😉

What a fabulous start to our day!

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    I love Bexley’s hair in that last picture!

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