Breakfast Blessings Jan 20, 2012

Daddy took care of breakfast today and he did a fabulous job!  Oatmeal, fruit and water. 

Daddy love!

Sleepy momma

Photography courtesy of Cyrus

Photography courtesy of Eisley

Already this morning I came downstairs with a nasty attitude and ungrateful to all Andy did and apologized pretty much right away 😉  Then, Cyrus told a lie and I wasn’t the kindest momma…we prayed together and asked Jesus to forgive us.  I told him it’s always better to tell the truth even if it seems hard.

Amazing how quickly the devil tries to turn a perfectly amazing morning into a day full of really bad attitudes.  Now, to get some Jesus time up in he-ya!  Probably should have already done this!  What a blessing my family is!

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