A Date With Eisley Bree…

Yesterday Andy let me take his lunch time to take Eisley out on a date.  Originally, I was just going to go to my favorite La Chatelaine and read a bit but I looked over at Eisley and wanted to make a date out of it.  She’s such a gem in my life…

My little french girl.

Love my sweet, Eisley Bree.

Daddy took a pic of us to capture our excitement before we headed out…she’s three for less than 2 weeks!  Where is time going?!

Sipping on hot chocolate :)

Guzzling hot chocolate 😉

And her yummy dessert…love this sweet girl.

Our time started with conversations at La Chatelaine.  Things such as, “mommy, thank you for this playdate.” When I said to her, “Do you know I love you?”  She said, “Yes!  And I love daddy and Bexley!” Me, “Good, because I love you so very much.”

Next we went to Sew To Speak to get a little more fabric for the quilt I am working on for Bexley.  We’re supposed to have a winter weather advisory so I want to be able to sew the weekend away in my cozy home!

Eisley looked through girly sewing books and picked out some fabric she loved.  I love Eisley’s random thoughts, I love the way she loves, I love that she loves to dance and sing and wear lip gloss and purses.

She’s my firstborn girl and I could not be any more thankful for her than I am.  Looking forward to a lifetime of dates with my sweet baby girl.

I started having dates with Cyrus when he was a young lad and have made it a priority to spend time with each child individually to let them know they are unique in my life and my heart.  I encourage you to take your kids out one on one and just be with them, let them tell you what they’re thinking (without the noise of their siblings), ask them what they love to do and just be present with them.  It brings much blessing for both you as their momma (or daddy) and of course, them as well.


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    I think that taking her on a little one on one date is so sweet!! Occasionally I try to seperate the kids and get a little time with them individually, but I never really thought to do it like that. My new years resolution this year was to make extra time every single day no matter what to give my hubby and each of my kids a little individual love and attention everyday, because I so often do it as a group. And I want everyone to feel special together, but also seperatley. I think I’m going to try your idea of dates, and have Mike do it too. What a great way to love on your kids, and not have the distraction of anything else. Thanks for the idea :)

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    That is so Awesome!!! I plan to do the same with Nora, and God willing other children I have. Thank you for sharing, what an awesome mommy!!! Keep up the great example for other young mom’s.

    Lauren Reichow

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    Evan Staggs

    This is the cutest stinkin thing I’ve EVER seen!!!! It’s making me want kid now! Maybe Kate and I need to come over and spend an hour at the Holt house soon. That usually quenches my desire! JK! hahaha

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    Dannielle, that is a fantastic resolution! I actually also need to work on the individual time daily as well, but these dates are oober fun!

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    Lauren, Glad you enjoyed this…even with one child, taking them on a special date (even though you get to be with them often) shows your love for them and you seeking special time with them.

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    Evan! TOO FUNNY! You guys are always welcome to come over as to help with the birth control, but I’ll tell you…one of these days, it will make you WANT them that much sooner and you’ll know it’s time 😉 You guys are going to be great parents someday!

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    Your date night with Eisley is so sweet…I love it! And Eisley is so pretty, just like her mama :)

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