To Never Forget How Close God Is…

I, nor anyone else could have painted such a beautiful morning.

My eldest son, he saw it first. The red, orange and blue painted sky.

I was far too busy. Until I heard the excitement and awe in his voice.

I looked up, and I saw it too! We all did. How could we miss it now?

I sat next to my favorite man and opened the bible.

God spoke to me, and this time I heard Him.

He told me to love, to pray for others and how the love of money can lead you astray.

That’s what I remember, anyway.

The sky, it had changed. Grey. A very, light grey.

Flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder filled the air.

Both which kept the kids on their toes, in wonder.

Peanut butter toast served to us all. Orange juice too, please!

My husband, our leader the one God put as head,

he read us some more of God’s word.

“God is love.” And we all agreed.

…and He does not love sin. Simple, yet understandable for their little ears and mine.

The morning wrapped up, and I became fearful.

How could this day go on? It was far too perfect for anyone else to finish the painting.

And yet, He told me. God said, “Here, let’s do this together. I am always with you.”

I want to believe, but feel a failure is bound to happen.

As i was reminded that it was impossible to do it on my own, the fear left.

I held on to that truth. And leaned in closer to my savior. My very best friend.

This day will be beautiful.

This beautifully painted morning, was just the beginning.

~Breena Ra’cee Holt August 4th, 2009

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