Cleaning Schedules…

To first start off with a cute little quote from my son, Cyrus as I was typing out my cleaning schedule.

Cyrus, “I like schedules.  I like schedules but not the cleaning kind.”  Clearly he doesn’t get it 😉

When I first married my prince-charming of a husband, I had NO clue of my lack of organization.  Heck!  Let’s get real people!  I didn’t care if I tried on 7 outfits and decided to go with the 8th!  You’d see the previous 7 all over the place.  And when I went back into my room, I hardly noticed.  But oh did my mother 😉

When it came time to really clean my room, which I actually really loved to do when it wasn’t taking time away from riding bikes, hanging out with friends, cheerleading practice or anything WAY more fun, I was kind of obsessed.  Obsessed to the point that my clothes that were folded had to be lined perfectly.  And when one of my sisters would try to barrow any clothes, I would FREAK OUT because it would ruin all the time I spent on organizing.  I’m not bitter or anything, I just need to get it out 😉 ha!

Anyway, back to the marriage thing.  My husband previously lived in a small dorm at seminary where everything had a perfect, little space for his perfect, little books for his perfect, geeky (and awfully handsome) self.  Blah.  Made my spontaneous, unorganized and free-as-a-bird skin crawl.  And I know he felt the same way about me.

So, it caused a few fights in the first couple of years of marraige.  I actually struggled a lot with it and it has been really hard for me to get a good cleaning schedule down.  I didn’t really like schedules, or so I thought.  The fear of them is that I’ll feel cramped and like I have to be obediant and follow these strict rules.  I’m a free-bird, remember 😉

The lie is that it will make me feel confined.  But, I have to believe it will actually make me feel free and full of accomplishment every day!  I have been researching blogs and anytime I see the words “organize” I tend to go over and read some more!  It’s taken me years to figure out something that works but I think I’ve finally found it!

Let’s see why a schedule is so important to me… 
1. I naturally see a mess and become overwhelmed and do not know where to start….actually, I’ve overcome this by literally telling myself, “find something and put it away.  Find another thing and put it away.” ha!
2. I have had 4 kids in the span of a little over 5 years.  Yeah.
3. I homeschool.
4. I have a really sweet and gets-into-everything 2-year-old.
5. I actually want it to get done.
6. I want to shoot lasers from my eyes when the kids see me cleaning and say, “Who’s coming over?” “No one, SWEET CHEEKS!  MOMMY JUST LIKES A CLEAN FREAKING HOUSE, OKAY?!” 
7. My husband appreciates it.

Clover Lane has been SUCH A blessing for me to read.  She’s very real and for some reason, her cleaning and organizing posts do not stress me out.  These kinds of articles/blogs always made me want to run away from my computer, grab a bag of Dove Dark Chocolate on the way over to the corner and cry my little eyes out.

So, I did it! <---Not cry my eyes out, silly but I ate Dove Dark Chocolate and finally made a cleaning schedule!  Go, me!  I haven't started yet (it's not the new-year, judger!) but I will!  I plan to stick to it and see how it goes.  If I'm daring, I may even change it up a bit as I see what works and doesn't but even just saying that stresses me out.  I don't trust myself to change it up.  I trust, Sarah from Clover Lane and that's it people! ;) Working on a daily one as well.  I’ll keep you posted!    What are your cleaning schedules like?  Do you have one?  Do you stick to it?  Lie to me and tell me that once you actually make the schedule, you naturally follow all that it tells you 😉 


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    Oh Breena :-) I love you! I wish I could hand over some of my love of cleaning to you to help! My cleaning schedule is usually put all of Savannahs toys and things away with her right as bedtime approaches. Then, once she’s in bed I wipe down the kitchen counters and tables, put dishes away if they weren’t already done, clean up any little messes and relax :-) Once a week, usually on the weekends, I clean the shower, dust and sweep and mop the floors. Vacuuming usually happens twice a week. It is less overwhelming for me to keep up with things daily so I don’t have to spend all day doing it. Good luck!!!

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    I actually kind of love it now. What I DON”T love is the interruptions…but I seriously need to get over that 😉 Thanks for sharing! I’ll post my schedule once I actually do it 😉 Love you!

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    Hi Breena! :) I’m enjoying your blog (I’ve got my own at — I only share that site with the most special of people :)…I’ve been trying to stick to my weekly cleaning schedule of doing one cleaning thing per day (plus the laundry that I do nearly every day). Monday is my kitchen/foyer floor day, Tuesday is the full baths day, Wednesday is vacuuming/dusting, etc…On the weeks that I actually stick to it, I feel much better and more organized. Generally, if I miss something it’s the full baths. Those darn toilets and showers. :)
    One thing that helps me immensely is waking up to a moderately straightened up house. If I wake up to a kitchen sink full of dishes or toys scattered everywhere, I’m instantly stressed. So every evening I make sure that the sink is empty and most of the toys are put away. I’m slightly OCD when it comes to clutter, but not so much about deep cleaning (that’s unfortunate). :) Let’s chat soon!

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    Thanks, Jill! I can’t wait to check out your blog!!! I love that you do laundry everyday. I really think that’s kind of genius! I’m going to start that as well.
    I know I’ll feel the same way about getting a little done each day as you both do. I HATE bathrooms! Grrr!
    And I feel the same, waking up to a clean house is SO nice! And I also am not a huge deep cleaner but I can’t stand the clutter…wow, we have a LOT more in common that I already knew 😉

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    I have similar asperations, yet I’m taking baby steps! What has been the biggest help is keeping cleaning supplies in each bathroom complete with rubber gloves, paper towels, scrub brushes, and all the cleaners! It is amazing how much more motivating it is to clean when everything is right there!

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    Andrea, I probably need a few more things. You are right, even one thing that’s not available makes it so annoying! ha! Thanks so much for the tip! Which Andrea is this? 😉

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