Breakfast Blessings…

This morning, Cyrus said, “Mom, I want to live to be one hundred.  Will you be alive when I’m one hundred?”

Me, “No, bud.  I’ll be gone then.”

Cy getting choked up, “But then I won’t have a mommy and daddy.”

Me, “Cyrus, remember!?  When Jesus died on the cross he made a way for us to go to heaven with him!  So, if you love Jesus, you get to come and meet me and daddy and Jesus and everyone else who loves Jesus when you die, too!”

Cyrus, “Yeah!  I love Jesus!”

Eisley, “Yeah!  Me too!  I love Jesus!”

Me, “I know you do.”

Andy, “Actually, we can hope that Jesus comes back before we die.”

Me, “Yes, and we’ll meet him in the air!”

Cy, “Why the air?  That’s silly.”

Andy getting all theological, “And we’ll usher him back to earth and we’ll all reign for 1,000 years as kings and queens!”

Me knowing that the kids were thinking “rain”, “Andy please explain what reign means.”

Andy, “That means that we are going to all live as kings and queens on the earth with Jesus for 1,000 years!”

Cyrus and Eisley start talking about how Andy and I will be the king and queen and they will be the prince and princess.

Wait for it….

Cyrus, “I can’t WAIT to die!!!!  I want to be a king with Jesus!  Even though Jesus is the BIG king.”

After and Andy and I have a good laugh I ask, “Do you know why we live on earth awhile before we go to heaven?  Why we are not born and then go right to heaven?”

Cy and Eisley, “Yes.”  And then they wait for the answer 😉

Me, “Jesus wants us to try and live like him.  He wants us to get better every day.  And as we do that, we can also share the love of Jesus to other people, so they can go with us in heaven!”

Cy, “Yeah, I want to tell people about Jesus!”

Eisley, “Yeah, me too!”

And there ya have it…an opportunity in sharing the gospel even with my kids!  There are SO many opportunities throughout the day to bring Jesus in.  When the kids are fighting, when they say “potty words” and even when I mess up and go to them with a repentant heart and tell them my need for Jesus, too.

Be blessed and encouraged today!


  • Reply December 28, 2011

    Andrea Baugher

    What a neat conversation! We’re hoping to have many similar ones as our kids get older. I also really liked Andy’s post about telling kids the truth. Why introduce a fictional Santa when a true Jesus is so much greater? :) Great insights!

  • Reply December 28, 2011


    Glad you enjoyed it :) Feeling so blessed! You’ll enjoy the fun things they say as Natasha gets older!

  • Reply January 3, 2012


    What a beautiful conversation! Talks like this with our children (4- and 6-years-old) are priceless. Thanks for sharing and encouraging this kind of talking at home! ~Stanley

  • Reply January 3, 2012


    Glad you were blessed by this! I like to be reminded myself as well :)

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