Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Recently, I was reminded of how important it is to get your kids outside, even when it’s cold (not dangerously cold, obviously).
Read this.
It’s important and completely healthy to get out in the sun without sunscreen for 15 minutes a day!  Vitamin D, baby!
So the kids, even with slight colds were bundled up and sent outside (and daddy took pics as I took care of Bexley-girl inside our warm, cozy house).
 Guess what?!  THEY LOVED IT!
They found frozen ice and wanted to bring it in and put it next to the heater and watch it melt!  ha!
Zekey fell and got really dirty…LOVE THIS!
 And Eisley was proud to wear her momma’s hat!
I thought I’d have to make them stay out for 15 minutes but instead, on their own, they stayed out for an hour!!!  Made this momma quite happy…so, we’ll try again tomorrow!
What about you?!  Do you try and get outside everyday? A couple of times a week?

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